Gloria M. Jordan d’Cabral – Chef and Restaurant Owner

Gloria was inspired and amused by her mother who is a genius in the kitchen. During her many years in business owning her own restaurants, she has transformed the Spanish and Italian cuisine with her personal touch. Born in Havana, Cuba – Gloria has traveled from Scandinavia to Europe, where she compiled her culinary training. Mixing flavors from family traditions and experiences beyond her own imagination, she has created a unique menu and a solid reputation.

With excellent (and delighted!) attention to the needs of customers, Gloria uses her creativity and decades of gastronomic experience to make sure that La Trattoria Cafe Napoli will be your culinary home away from home. Whether a Fort Myers, Florida resident, or visiting from out of town, you will find warmth, happiness, and of course, delicious food at Cafe Napoli.

Being a Chef has been an amazing experience for Gloria! She came to this land full of opportunity – and was lucky to find love, a nest for her cooking, and so many good friends and loyal customers with whom she can share her “secrets in the pot”.

La Trattoria Cafe Napoli has received many glowing accolades from Southwest Florida papers and dining guides. Our restaurant and menu has been honored by food writers, and we feel most honored to be the favorite of so many local diners!

La Trattoria Cafe Napoli opened it’s doors in 2005.